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Ensure your ongoing medical registration in 2024

Ensure your ongoing medical registration in 2024

We make compliance easy.

Ensure your ongoing medical registration in 2024

For all doctors

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For all doctors

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More choice, more support, and more flexibility. CPD Home is an AMC accredited CPD home provider and is available to all Australian doctors. We know the Standard, so you can stay compliant. Break free from overly complicated and expensive CPD home providers. Make your workday count and stay on track with your annual CPD compliance by choosing the AMA's CPD Home. We make CPD easy.

How it works

1. Create your learning profile

Getting started is easy - complete your learning profile.

2. Write your CPD plan

Identify your learning goals and tag your focus topics.

3. Engage in CPD learning

Search our CPD catalogue for engaging, relevant and timely activities.

4. Track your learning

Complete your 50 hours of CPD, including higher-level requirements for some specialities.

5. Reflect on your achievements

At the end of the CPD Year, determine if you have achieved your learning goals.

6. Access MBA compliant CPD reports

We notify the Medical Board of Australia (MBA) of your CPD compliance automatically.