CPD Activities for Doctors

Experience an easy transition

As of 1 January 2024, doctors are no longer able to self-manage their CPD - with compulsory accredited CPD home subscription required.

At CPD Home, we aim to make this transition easier. Our platform offers a template for writing your CPD Plan, an extensive catalogue to support your registered scope(s) of practice, and a responsive CPD tracker to monitor your progress against our CPD Home Program.

CPD activities completed through our Certified Learning Providers will be added to your tracker. You can also upload CPD records and evidence of learning you completed independently. Your annual CPD Statement of Completion and CPD reports are easily generated at the end of the CPD Year.

Working with any doctor, anywhere

Whether you’re already following a CPD program through a specialist college or brand new to the CPD experience, we provide you with a simpler and cost-effective alternative. Although powered by Australian Medical Association (AMA), CPD Home is available to both AMA members and non-members.

Our CPD Home is available to all doctors with discounted access for AMA members.

Take control of your CPD

At CPD Home, we're here to ensure your medical registration is protected by offering an easy-to-use platform to plan, track, and complete the required 50 hours of CPD under our program, including high-level CPD requirements set by some specialty colleges.

Track your progress

As part of your ongoing professional registration with the Medical Board of Australia (MBA) and a subscriber to CPD Home, you're required to record your CPD activities throughout the year. Your records will be kept by CPD Home for up to seven years for auditing purposes.

Plan your learning

Writing your CPD plan in line with your registered scope of practice is a requirement under the Medical Board of Australia: Registration standard: Continuing Professional Development. Determining your learning goals early helps you identify relevant and timely CPD activities to meet your learning needs.

Record your learning

Our CPD Tracker allows you to record CPD activities completed as part of your professional development. The CPD activity form:

If you're audited by CPD Home or the Medical Board of Australia (MBA), your archived CPD reports are available at the click of a button.

Hosted by CPD Home, your completed online learning will be automatically added to your CPD Tracker. Achievements will be reflected in your personalised 'My Dashboard', highlighting a summary of progress to date. This includes mandatory learning based on your registered scope of practice.

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