CPD Compliance

Meeting the annual Registration Standard requirements

Supporting all Doctors

CPD Home is committed to providing Australian doctors with an outstanding, accredited CPD Home service to support learning activities of all doctors in alignment with the MBA Registration Standard: Continuing Professional Development. This includes:

Exemptions to the annual CPD Program may be approved by the AMA (WA) CEO upon application.

More details are available in our FAQs.

Annual CPD Requirements

To meet the requirements of the CPD Home Program, you must observe the following:

Completed CPD activities for the CPD Year must include a CPD activity that individually addresses each of the above aspects. CPD activities listed in the CPD Catalogue will be assigned applicable CAPE aspects. When uploading other CPD activities to your record, you need to assign the applicable CAPE aspects to the activity.

CPD Compliance

If you’re struggling to meet your CPD compliance, we’re here to help.

CPD Home is responsible for informing Ahpra that you’re up-to-date with your CPD compliance obligations. So, if you’re ever audited by CPD Home or the Medical Board of Australia (MBA), compliant CPD reports with supporting evidence are only a click away.

CPD Statement of Completion

With CPD Home, you’ll periodically receive system alerts to remind you of key achievement milestones and due dates for your annual CPD Program completion. At the end of the cycle period, your annual CPD Statement of Completion will be automatically generated and available to view, print, or download as a PDF.

Where compliance has not been met, the CPD Home Participation and Compliance Policy will be followed. Please ensure you check the implications for non-participation with this policy and the MBA.

Download the CPD Home Program Guide for further details.

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