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Direct your target audience to your sponsored medical education

CPD Home is supported by brands that medical professionals trust to provide accredited education, information, and resources throughout their careers.

By providing sponsored learning with us, we’ll ensure it’s delivered in a way that showcases the high quality and credibility to maximise engagement with your audience.

How it works

CPD Home will strategically tag your sponsored module to a range of audiences. When a doctor adds their learning focus topics to their profile, tagged modules will surface as ‘More Learning’ on their personalised dashboard. Communications can also be pushed directly to medical professionals in your specific target group to alert them of launches of your sponsored learning.

Your bespoke marketing campaign may include:
  • Links to multi-channel touchpoints, such as ‘Featured Learning’ on home page and CPD Catalogue.
  • Editorial content and links in our monthly newsletter.
  • Promotions through other AMA family channels.

Other promotional opportunities may arise or be discussed with our team.

Ensuring compliance

Delivering education that complies with your company and industry codes, as well as accreditation requirements for doctors, can be difficult.

If you wish to sponsor the development and/or delivery of medical education, we have a team consisting of accredited learning experts who can advise you on how to remain compliant. At CPD Home, we’re dedicated to maintaining our valued and high-quality learning environment to ensure trusted content doctors engage with us.


CPD Home provides de-identified sponsor reports on enrolments, completions,and other user engagement metrics to help you understand how your learningis performing.

We can help you get the best return on investment for your marketing dollars, while providing genuine value to your target audience.

Market your sponsored CPD activities to doctors.

Get the best results with the right message at the right time to the right audience.

Maximise your opportunities with targeted marketing. We make it possible with our simple 4-step integrated process:

  • Audience engagement
  • Maximum reach
  • Insights and analysis
  • Leading experts.

Contact Us to request our CPD Home Engagement Kit and learn how to make the most of your marketing dollers.

Have questions?

Contact Us to discuss your sponsored learning needs and ideas - or request our CPD Home Sponsorship Prospectus.