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The many guises of infant & pre-schooler cough


This on-demand video examines the many and varied types and causes of both acute and chronic cough in pre-school aged children. A framework for synthesising history and examination findings into a rational diagnosis, at the exclusion of recognised differential diagnoses will be discussed. The importance of RSV-associated illnesses bronchiolitis and croup will be explored as common causes of acute cough in children under 5 years of age, while viral associated wheeze, multiple-trigger wheeze and asthma will be explored as common causes of chronic daily cough in young children.


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1. Describe the salient features on history and examination of a preschool-aged child presenting with acute cough that facilitates a rational diagnosis and exclusion of common differential diagnoses

2. Summarise the pathophysiological and clinical differences between bronchiolitis and croup

3. Outline an approach to assessing disease severity in preschool children with bronchiolitis and croup

4. Detail an approach to diagnosing viral-associated wheeze, multi-trigger wheeze and asthma in young children.


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